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  • Maggi Y.

    I was selling my house in North Portland from Sydney, Australia, and didn't know how to go about doing it. I found Rambo's website on a google search and I called him because he was a "Bungalow guy" and I liked his picture with his kid on his shoulder. I knew nothing about him and thought, why not, I'll give this guy a chance. It's just picking someone I guess. I emailed him and got a response right away. I had so many questions he answered and set my mind at ease. When it was time to list the house, he went their first and took a look around. He advised me on what I needed to do to sell the house, and how much he thought I would get for it if I wanted to sell in a month. Rambo arranged for someone to come out to the house and do some landscaping and some indoor clean up before we sold. We did this all over the internet and everything got done very quickly.
  • Geoff D.

    I work with a ton of realtors. Rambo is one that few I recommend to my personal clients. I encourage my clients to call the realtors and see which is the best personality fit for them, because buying and selling a home has a certain amount of emotion involved and you want someone in your corner that you like and can trust. Rambo is both of these qualities in spades. I have used Rambo as my agent on several of my personal deals on both the buying and selling side of residential and commercial property and I recommend him to you, give him a ring and see if he is a good fit for you.
  • Eric A.

    Rambo represented us in the spring of 2013 for the purchase of our home in inner North Portland. It was a very hot seller's market, and Rambo did a wonderful job getting us in to see properties immediately. He was very patient as we honed our approach, and he facilitated the transaction well, by keeping in constant communication with us via phone and email. We traveled a number of times while our home search progressed, and Rambo did a masterful job of keeping us apprised of new listings and pre-viewing properties on our behalf while we were away. In addition, he's just a great guy to be around. I would recommend Rambo highly, particularly if you're looking in NE or North Portland.
  • Dane L.

    We have worked with Rambo twice in six months, because of his knowledge of Portland, his negotiation skills, and his ability to act fast in this competitive market. We have wondered in the past, as both buyer and seller, whether our agent was working earnestly for us or whether he/she was driven by self interest. In Rambo's case, we have never doubted that he works for our interest, the clients' interest. And that is why we continue to work with him and have referred him to our friends.
  • Jacquie W.

    We live near Santa Cruz, California, and we wanted to buy a house in Portland. I was apprehensive about buying a house "long distance," but Rambo made it easy. We were able to sign almost all of the documents online, and Rambo was always available by phone, messaging, or email. Sometimes I wondered if he ever sleeps! I highly recommend Rambo. In fact, I've already recommended him to a friend who is thinking about moving to Portland next year.
  • Neal J.

    I moved here from out of town so I had to find a house in one or two sessions. I contacted Rambo by e-mail and told him what I was looking for. Then we met and he was totally organized with about 6 houses for me to see. He really listened to what I was looking for and only showed me those houses. He didn't try to get me to buy a more expensive house than my budget would allow. Since I was out of town, he had to help me coordinate the inspection and other reapirs. He was always available and very willing to help. I would HIGHLY recommend Rambo for anyone buying a house in the Portland area.

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